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Creative superhero

My creative superpowers surfaced when I accidentally ate a green Crayola at the age of 4. At primary school I sold my first illustration for 20p, and with the profit I marched smugly to the tuck shop to purchase a chocolate bar.

At college I receive a commission to design the student handbook and suddenly people start calling me a ‘graphic designer’.

University refines my powers and then I’m cast off into the real world with seemingly thousands of other zappy creatives. Rather infuriatingly, each one seems to be applying for precisely the same job as me. A solution arrives when a design studio called Redshift is born out of the labours of 3 friends and myself. It soon dawns on me – I’m in this creative stuff for the long run; my childhood ambition of becoming the UK’s first astronaut was unlikely to happen now. 

And so it became that the creative world of Illustration and graphic design would devour another soul. A soul who, alongside other like-minded creative superheroes, has gone on to have a 20+ year career in the industry, helping people, charities and companies make ‘incredipaul’ design decisions every step of the way.  And that soul’s name was… Paul Charles.


Curriculum vitae


Paul Charles

Secret-ish HQ

Villars sur Ollon, Switzerland


Some time in the previous century


English, French


De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Weston College, Weston super Mare, UK


Graphic Illustrator – Design Base
Graphic designer – Harleys Marketing
Brand coordinator – Les Roches Global Hospitality Education
Design manager – Glacier 3000

Super power

Graphic design, branding, illustration